All of our members have a unique story to tell. Below are just a few of their stories. Please note that names and identifying characteristics have been altered to protect identity:

  • Rich is a gentle, easy to engage and soft-spoken man who has been coming to David’s Harp for 5 years now. Rich was a brilliant and gifted student academically with a bright and hopeful future. The onset of his symptoms of schizophrenia during late adolescence eviscerated his early promise and led to years of psychiatric hospitalizations, homelessness, isolation and despair. Despite the voices, confusion, fear and loneliness that is so much a part of his illness, Rich forges ahead in his recovery and insists on finding meaning and purpose in his everyday life. At David’s Harp he has friends who honor and understand his struggles. He builds his social skills and later practices them in the community on the many outings he attends. He indulges his creative side in Art and Music Therapy groups as well as nurtures new growth in the community garden. Rich is a role model to his peers and an inspiration to those staff entrusted to know and work with him.
  • When Suzanne first came to David’s Harp over a year ago she was frightened and reluctant to make social connections. Over time she worked hard to reach out to others despite the damning voices in her head telling her she was no good and would never accomplish anything and despite the stigma she internalized as a person with developmental challenges. Today Suzanne leads Community Meetings at David’s Harp with a sense of aplomb she never imagined possible. Her mother informed the staff that if someone had told her a year ago Suzanne would be standing in front of and presiding over an audience she would have never believed it.
  • Kathryn is a kind and wise woman who is sustained in her recovery by a deep faith in God and an unselfish desire to serve to others. Kathryn has, throughout her life, navigated the mine fields of addiction, mental illness, prostitution and homelessness. At David’s Harp she has found a community of kindred spirits. She has taken on the role of mentor and advisor to her peers who look to her for sustenance and strength. She loves to work in the community garden with her peers where she is able to foster growth while remaining grounded in her recovery.

“One in four adults – approximately 57.7 million Americans- experience a mental health disorder in a given year. One in 17 lives with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar disorder.”

National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2011

From Our Members

A member shares what he likes most about working in the garden at David’s Harp:

“I like the real beautiful flowers and all the different colors of the flowers and planting things. It makes me feel wonderful; it is wonderful for you, too, and for everybody.”

Happenings at the Harp

David's Harp is gearing up for gardening season! Generous vegetable starts and flower donations from The Portland Nursery are currently being planted by members.

Get Involved!

David's Harp is currently seeking donations of arts and music supplies for our Art and Music Therapy classes. We accept all donations but have a particular need for the following: hand drums, fabric scraps, colored paper, regular paper, paints, brushes air-dry clays, recycled goods, sewing materials, beads, adhesives, markers, and embellishments such as feathers and glitter. At David’s Harp we appreciate the little things and make the most out of everything! Please contact us for more information.

Volunteer Spotlight

Betty Kennedy has volunteered and served as a David’s Harp Board Member since it was founded in 1978, over 30 years ago!

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