David’s Harp was founded in 1978 through the grassroots efforts of members of the Parkrose United Methodist Church and over 100 volunteers and mental health professionals, making it the first (and oldest) operation of its kind in Multnomah County. Today, David’s Harp is an independent nonprofit serving low- and no-income adults who have a severe and persistent mental illness.

David’s Harp’s mission is “to provide a friendly and peer-supportive environment in which adults with a major mental illness come together to achieve an improved quality of life and the highest possible level of independence in the community.”

David’s Harp achieves this mission by providing a daytime clubhouse setting where members (rather than clients or patients) are provided with socialization and skill-building activities such as art and music therapy, occupational therapy, gardening, cooking, meal-sharing, cultural events, and daily community outings. David’s Harp services reduce re-hospitalization, recidivism, and chronic homelessness among some of our most vulnerable community members.

David’s Harp is a gem…

“Having spent much of my career advocating for services in support of people with severe mental illness, I am confident when I say that the program at David’s harp is among those that truly make a difference in people’s lives. David’s Harp is a gem among the many services and programs in the Portland area; it stands out as unique, essential, and that most important thing of all – providing joyful and kind human interaction. I truly believe that if all of us had a David’s Harp in our lives, the world would be a better place.”

Derald Walker, PhD